scholar™ Core Modules

1. User Management

User Management

2. Courses & Subjects

Courses & Subjects

3. Admission & Registration

This module manages admission and registration activates from the online application to student batch allotment and class assignments. The module allows customizing the online application form, admission process, placement test, document verification, application fee, and applicant registration. The module also offers various customizable admissions and registration reports, allows applicant details management, applicant registration settings, course management, student progression, guardian accounts, admission logs, and classroom management.

4. Student Affairs

Student Affairs

5. Finance


6. Transportation


7. Attendance


8. Human Resources

Human Resources

9. UsSchool/Event Calendar

School/Event Calendar

10. SMS


11. Memos and News

Memos and News

12. Messaging System

Messaging System

13. Parent Web Services

Parent Web Services

14. Employee Services

Employee Services