scholar™ Characteristics

1scholar™ provides a coherent set of services for students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators to help them in monitoring and improving students’ performance. 

2scholar™ automates all school administrative and support services including transportation, human capital management, financial management, inventory control, etc. 

3scholar™ opens ample room for institutions and individuals to innovate new e-learning plugins that can be used within their implementations of scholar™. 

4scholar™ has addressed needs of teaching-learning communities based on best common practices. 

5scholar™ open nature allows teaching-learning communities to develop and addressed concerns by themselves, pick and choose from available plugins, and also subcontract 3rd party providers.
6scholar™ is integrated with world leading open source LMS called Moodle.
7scholar™ is 100% web-based and accessible from any device, anywhere and anytime.