Objectives Behind scholar™

scholar™ is a software developed by educators for the educators. The approach followed in building scholar™ is collaborative by nature, since every new customer naturally because a development partner as we give the source code to our customers.

This flexible development approach makes it possible to add new features to scholar&trade. This allows institutions and individuals to be stakeholders in scholar™.

With this approach, the following noble objectives will be accomplished:

1Disseminating best practices and pedagogical innovation by allowing the community to develop and sell new educational Apps.
2Sharing development effort, widening participating and sustaining development of new ITC-based pedagogies.
3Provoking collaborative teamwork and ethics between academic communities with the same educational institution and across global communities around the world.
4Encouraging production spirits within academic communities so each institution or individual feels responsible for the production of quality educational Apps.
5Opening ample room for institutions and individuals to innovate new e-learning plugins (Apps) that can be used within their implementations of scholar™.